I am a Kindergarten Teacher

We would like to thank and honor all of the hardworking kindergarten teachers around the globe. Thank you for impacting the lives of so many people.  We truly appreciate everything that you do.

Thank you from cfbkinder.com

A tribute to kindergarten teachers featuring a young, blonde teacher withta set of bricks that read "ABC"

I am a kindergarten teacher.

I am the one who greets your children with love each day at school.

I am the one who guides you and your child, step-by-step, during the most developmental stage of their life.

My impact will be forever remembered.

I make readers. I make mathematicians. I develop learners. I create doctors. I create lawyers.

I build the future.

I care so much for your child that I think about them all of the time. I will remember their faces forever. I care so much that when I get home, I’m constantly developing new ways to shape your child’s future, and their success.

I am a kindergarten teacher.

I am strong.

I am the home away from home where love runs deep. I am the guide that will start your child down the path to success. I am the giver of high achievement in your child’s life.

I am a kindergarten teacher.

And I am proud.

I also know that when your child leaves my class at the end of the year, I will make a lasting impact on their life.

I don’t ask to be appreciated in any great way. I just want to do my job. To be the best I can be. But just know how deeply I care for your child.

I am proud.

I want to help.

I want to guide your child to great things.

I am a kindergarten teacher.

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