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Kindergarten Live Replay – Expert Educators Answer Questions

Do you have a young child that will be starting kindergarten soon?

This video is a replay of our Kindergarten Live broadcast where expert educators discuss how to prepare your young child for kindergarten. These awesome kindergarten tips will help parents as they begin to enroll their children in school.

you will find the questions that were asked and the specific time where you can find the answers in the video. We hope this video helps families have a smooth transition as they start kindergarten for the next school year.

What can I do for my child to ensure he or she has a successful start to kindergarten?

[Video Time = 2:50 – 5:26]

What does a typical day look like for a kindergartner?

[Video Time = 5:53 – 7:12]

Do kindergarteners have any special activities they do during the day that is not typical for other grade levels in the school?

[Video Time = 7:23 – 8:20]

How does lunchtime work in kindergarten? Can students buy their lunch?

[Video Time = 8:24 – 9:10]

Do they serve breakfast to kindergartners?

[Video Time = 9:10 – 9:19]

Do parents have the opportunity to eat lunch with their child?

[Video Time = 9:24 – 9:51]

How does dismissal work in kindergarten? How does the process work to drop-off and pick-up my child?

[Video Time = 10:26 – 11:55]

How does carpool work for my kindergartner?

[Video Time = 12:00 – 12:30]

How does my child’s medication handled during the school day?

[Video Time = 12:30 – 13:58]

What happens if my child has food allergies in kindergarten?

[Video Time = 13:58 – 15:05]

When will registration be open for kindergarten in CFBISD?

[Video Time = 15:37 – 16:45]

What is the After the Bell Program (After School Care) in CFBISD?

[Video Time = 16:45 – 19:35]

When can I have my child tested for Gifted and Talented in CFBISD?

[Video Time = 20:05 – 21:04]

What is different for my child if they qualify for GT?

[Video Time = 21:04 – 22:12]

Can you explain the two programs you have for GT?

[Video Time = 22:12 – 23:42]

How do I know if my child is gifted?

[Video Time = 23:46 – 25:00]

Who do I talk to on my child’s campus about gifted services?

[Video Time = 25:00 – 25:25]

Does the district provide GT for kindergarten?

[Video Time = 25:25 – 26:15]

How much playtime or physical exercise do kindergartners get?

[Video Time = 26:48 – 27:25]

How many breaks do kindergartners get throughout the day?

[Video Time = 27:25 – 27:34]

What is the online exercise program Go Noodle I have heard about?

[Video Time = 27:34 – 29:13]

Do kindergartners stay with the same teacher throughout the day, or do they change classrooms?

[Video Time = 29:22 – 30:25]

How can I help my child adjust to a school and classroom setting?

[Video Time = 30:25 – 31:56]

What method of teaching does CFBISD use in kindergarten classes?

[Video Time = 32:02 – 34:31]

Are textbooks used in the kindergarten classroom?

[Video Time = 34:34 – 35:54]

Do kindergartners have homework during the week?

[Video Time = 35:57 – 37:45]

Does my child need to know how to read by the time they enter kindergarten?

[Video Time = 37:47 – 39:18]

Can parents request a specific kindergarten teacher in CFBISD?

[Video Time = 39:45 – 40:53]

What training or credentials do kindergarten teachers have?

[Video Time = 41:02 – 42:28]

What is the typical class size of a kindergarten class?

[Video Time = 42:35 – 42:59]

How can you transfers to other schools in CFBISD?

[Video Time = 43:18 – 43:53]

Give parents one tip on what is the best way to prepare their child for kindergarten.

[Video Time = 43:55 – 49:33]

When does kindergarten registration begin in CFBISD? Are there open houses for incoming students or interested parents?

[Video Time = 50:08 – 51:08]

What do you need to enroll your child in kindergarten? (Documents?)

[Video Time = 51:08 – 52:00]

What is the Dual Language Program that is available for kindergarten students? What is the process to enroll in the program?

[Video Time = 52:00 – 53:27]

If you have any additional kindergarten questions for our expert educators, please put them in the comment section. We hope to see you and your child in kindergarten next year. Good luck with this new transition.

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